Are you interested in learning some of our culinary secrets? Matt (my husband, father of our 5 year old Bella, chef & co-owner of Hardy’s Kitchen), spends lots of time thinking about new dishes, how to add his twist on the traditional & get the best, biggest flavours. Not just for our café/restaurant in West Kirby, but for our Street Food van, The Big Dub of Love.

We’ve developed some ‘signature’ dishes which are best-sellers; The Fluffy Hens, The Deconstructed BLT, The Spicy Fish Finger Sandwich and Cajun Halloumi Bites to name a few….we can show you have to create these flavours!

What recipes would you like to learn more about? We are going to bring you insights into dishes each month, and tips on how to bring the biggest flavours to your cooking. Is there a dish you want help with? Or a suggestion on a dish we already serve?

We will also in future weeks, be packaging up some of our produce for you to buy and take home. Our homemade Granola, Super Satay Sauce, & Pickled Chillis.

(We also have some fab Big Dub T-shirts that will be available to purchase. But more on that in our next post!)

It’s going to be a busy year and we can’t wait!

Chat soon and look forward to hearing about your favourite dishes!